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Electronic commerce (also referred to as EC, e-commerce or ecommerce) consists primarily of the distributing, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The information technology industry might see it as an electronic business application aimed at commercial transactions. The translation was carried out instantly, and this determines the basic convenience of work with them. The need for electronic media was replenished as soon as it arose. Examples of this kind of trading — traditional online stores, aimed at a target group direct consumers of goods. In each case requires individual solutions, because in the Internet averaged approach helps to ensure medium and low enough results, and nothing more. During the sales low prices on sale not only clothes, shoes and other goods, resulting in a large demand from consumers. For example, on the server www.newman.ru contains price information on all kinds of computer equipment that offer various firms in Moscow. We are sure that modern solutions for automation of business processes, as well as specialist services other profile will satisfy the highest demands. It is worth noting that the success in the world wide web largely depends on various external factors. Long time Internet Commerce was mainly in the sale of advertising space, e-publications and softwares. Such way of making commercial operation gives the opportunity to simplify and expedite the purchasing process.

The meaning of the term "electronic commerce" has changed over the last 30 years. Originally, "electronic commerce" meant the facilitation of commercial transactions electronically, usually using technology like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), where both were introduced in the late 1970s, for example, to send commercial documents like purchase orders or invoices electronically. In addition to the most common schemes of e-Commerce, there are several other. As a rule, Commerce scheme C2C is the online auctions, gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Examples of commercial activity on the Internet quite a lot. We are sure that modern solutions for automation of business processes, as well as specialist services other profile will satisfy the highest demands. The Internet platform gives the opportunity to significantly simplify operations at all stages, to make trading more effective and transparent. Special attention is paid to the automation of the resource, so it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining staff while maintaining quality and speed of order processing. It sells a variety of quality products, from hair clips to chic dresses. They also included a variety of services that allowed you to transfer funds to the account of the buyer with minimal complexity. An example of a B2B transaction is the sale of website templates to companies for later use as the basis design of your own web resource of the company. It was then that after the introduction of the World Wide Web technologies, the Internet has become available to ordinary users, who had no special skills in the network.

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